politicians and hookers


Really, it is a time honored tradition:  hookers and politicians.  Many would say politicians are just whores anyway.  So, yesterday, New York’s Gov got busted for hiring a hooker, and transporting her across state lines.  That is serious stuff.  Dude show know that, because he made his name busting balls for stuff like this.  Spitzer was known as the judge Dredd of the political community.  Everyone was terrified of him.  He could find a jaywalking ticket on you have you resign within two weeks.

Dude is a legend for terrorizing amorality out of NYC and Washington DC.   So, when the nation’s top moral cop gets busted for a poonannny infarction… it makes news.   Also, dude was married to an attractive woman… who is foolishly standing by his side yesterday in the this photo.


Why is he smiling?  He is smiling because he is an amoral douchebag who has no idea what he has done to his poor family.  This is the end of his career.  He is expected to resign today, and then join the ministry with Ted Haggard.  Ok, that last part was made up.  Dude will probably go to rehab, the last refuge for douchebags of little accountability.

That isn’t what is news to me.  Frankly, what he does in the bedroom isn’t my business.  Assuming he didn’t use taxpayer dollars… this is between him and his wife.  At least he wasn’t buggering little boys.  Here is what is news to me; dude paid $4,500 an hour for this hooker.  Four Thousand Five Hundred dollars.  WTF?  For that kind of money, he could have chartered a jet and flown his wife to Mexico.  It works, they all put out in Mexico… and no one has to go to jail.

Interestingly, and awesomely, it was the HUGE sum of money that got him busted.  It is also that huge sum of money that will indict him… because he flew her in from Washington DC.  So, it is a whole ‘across state lines’ thing, which means it is now (quite literally) a Federal case.  I mean, $4,500?  I am sure that gal was pretty… and talented in the ways we appreciates.   $4,500, though?  Really?  There are more than a few countries where you could have bought a whole person for that amount.

I guess Charlie Sheen was right when he said you don’t pay a hooker to have sex.  You pay them to go away when you are done.  Thanks, Spitzer, for making us guys look like cheating douchebags.   We ain’t.

* postscript 03.13.2008

perhaps I was harsh and judgemental.  It isn’t my business what he does, and did step down yesterday.  I mean, can we fault the guy?  They released a picture of his $4500 ho… and I have already forgiven him.  I mean, look, she even believes in peace.  How great is that?


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