Friday Fives


1. What song would you sing to your newborn child?

Angel, from Jimi Hendrix.  Not the studio one, but the solo acoustic one.  Don’t worry, you haven’t heard either.  Sadly, I don’t even know if I have the version I am thinking of.  It was never officially released.  But… I can play it quite well on acoustic.  So, the child may never hear Jimi’s version… but the child will hear mine.

2. How do you think animals think? (i.e. in animal language, human language, etc.)

I don’t think they think, I think they react.  So, the training is all about teaching them the acceptable way to react to various stimulus.  Kinda like marriage.
3. As a child, did you have a dream to make a difference in the world? Can you describe your dream?

I always had liberal leanings.  Helping out at soup kitchens when I was younger, stuff like that.  Am still the same, really.  Volunteer when I can, still believe in public service.  This is why Republicans are such a very big problem for me.

4. Do you believe in God/a Higher Being?

Am an atheist, so not in the strictest since.  I do always believe that nature wins, for whatever that is worth.  Am definitely not agnostic, by the way… so don’t go throwing that at me.

5. Do you believe in aliens?

not really.  However, I don’t not believe in them either.  I am open to either consideration.  Same with ghosts.  I neither believe, nor not believe, in them.


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