politics and race today

See, what excites me the most about this race is it opens up dialogues on race that would not happen otherwise.  Before today, when anything came up that had anythingto do with race, everything defaulted to Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.  This was a dumb cycle.  I mean, when something happens in the white community, does James Taylor hold a press conference with Carrot top?

No, you get specialist.  If it’s a hurricane, you get a white hurricane guy.  If it is a bicycle accident, you get a white bicycle expert.  So why is it whenever something happened in (or to) the black community… we only got to hear from Jackson or Sharpton?  I hope Barack’s campaign will work wonders to open up access and dialogue with the black community.  Really, it is time for African Americans to play a bigger and better part in American culture.  Did you know the Food Channel is about to have their very first show featuring African Americans?  Think of it, 24 hours of food programming for ten years and they are just about to finally hire someone black.  What seems silly, the show is a bbq show.  Seems a dash stereotypish, don’t you think?

Are we allowed to say ’black’ in reference to African Americans?  If you know me, you know i use the term… but that certainly doesn’t validate it.  Frankly, I am just too lazy to type out or say ‘african american’.  it takes too long, especially when referencing someone who isn’t from Africa.

Next, how can I ask this delicately?  There isn’t a way… so here goes:   we need to confront slavery and the black experience with slavery and put it behind us.  Not forget it, but move on from it.  Is that possible? Also, if that is not possible now, would it ever be possible? Would electing a black man to the Presidency do that?  I think it would go a long way… and that is why I think he is getting so much support.  As much as it pains us to hear, Ferraro’s comments had validity.  If Obama was  a young white freshman senator running for President he would have been run out of town long ago.

 This isn’t political correct to say, but indeed part of Obama’s allure ishis race.  I think a lot of his support is genuine.  My support is genuine since he pledged to stop subsidizing companies who outsource their work to foreign markets.  However, I also think a lot of his support is us white folk saying ‘sorry about the last couple hundred years, we owe you one’.  That seems crass, but how else could a young politico with little experience be handed the country?  In fact, the idea was so very far-fetched that a well meaning black assemblyman from Chicago could be president that Chris Rock did a whole movie of it.  Why was it funny?  Because the premise seemed to absurd to us.

Of course, where it veered off track for Ferraro is when she got all Sharpton about it and screamed “it’s cause I am white, isn’t it?”   Well, it wasn’t before… but it is now.  Tomorrow night (Tuesday) Barack is doing a speech on race in light of the his church coming out and declaring ‘god damn America’.


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