bring me sun

Holy crap it is cold here. Spring? Wrong, it is snowing outside again. Up the way in Steamboat Springs, they reported the highest amount of snowfall this year in history. EVER.  Most snow… EVER.  When you consider that Steamboat Springs is where all the Olympic ski jumpers train, that carries a lot of weight.  Sweet jeebus, I thought climate change was supposed to make everything a Jimmy Buffet song. Turns out not, and I am tired of hiding inside. Look at my truck last weekend. This is what happened after we went out for groceries and errands.


That isn’t Siberia, folks. That isn’t Alaska. Denver, Colorado!  I had to pull over to use my icebreaker on the headlights. While I am quite happy here, I am pretty sure Colorado is trying to kill me. I am a Phoenix boy, and anything below 72 freaks me out. Does that look like room temperature above? I’ll be upstairs in bed, call me when the mercury hits 80 f.


2 thoughts on “bring me sun

  1. That is unreal! I hate to tell you this but it was sunny, and 85 yesterday. We were all outside for Easter. We missed you guys.

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