Friday Fives


1. If you have a phobia (or something close to one), what is it?

well, this isn’t too cool.  No great confessions here, being as though I am pretty terrific.  I mean, I am not afraid off heights, cockroaches*,  falling, or public speaking.  That’s loser stuff.  Ok, mostly, I am afraid of spiders.

2. How long have you had the phobia (or something close to it)?

spiders?  Long time.  growing up in Phoenix, they were everywhere.  Black widows, too.  A couple of things solidfied it.  I had spiders nest in my van, babies… the whole thing.  Webs from corner to corner.  I had to bomb it.  That means closing it up and shooting noxious chemicals inside of it and leaving it for hours to kill all living things inside.  yucky.

then, I went to see Arachnophobia.  I know, bad idea for a guy who fears spiders… but I am strong like that.  Anyhow, when i came out I had spiders on my hood and my door.  The one on the door was a widow, too.  Then, I moved to Colorado… which has the brown recluse.  Don’t even google that spider.

3. If you know anyone with a phobia (or something close to it), how does s/he act when s/he is experiencing it?

Dunno.  Phobias are for pussies and failures.  I am strong like iron, and so are my friends.

4. What is one phobia you would wish not to have?
ok, I’ll bite.  I am gonna give you a real piece of me right now.  I hate being a passenger in other people’s cars.  I always feel unsafe.  It isn’t I feel others are bad drivers, it is probably just a lack of control thing.  That, and my father used to beat me with a car.  Probably unrelated, though.  Ok, the first part of this is totally true.

5. What is one phobia you wouldn’t mind having, if you were to face one?

that is a weird question, and frankly I don’t care for it.

* ok.  last disclosure.  I am totally afraid of cockroaches that can fly.  Seriously, they exist and they are in your garage and that is fucked up, y’all.  Regular cockroaches, though?  No problemo.


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