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Did you hear that Gary Dourdan just left CSI? They won’t say why, but I think he is going back out on tour with Paul Simon this summer.

Come on!  That is some funny shit!  Look at dude’s hairline… and then that fro.  There is one and only one man allowed to look that retarded.


2 thoughts on “in the news

  1. Is there some history behind your hatred of CSI/David Caruso? I briefly watched CSI Miami, and thought Dourdan was cool.

  2. I have no beef with Dourdan. He is cool, and a good actor. The bit above is strictly a gaff on his balding head combined with a fro. Bad choice. I don’t know the name for it, but we need one: the bald fro? the ‘no fro’.

    There can only be one name for that hairstyle: The Garfunkel.

    Now, I DO have a beef with Caruso. Not the show at all, just Caruso. Why? Because taking off your sunglasses is not acting. Nor is putting them back on.

    He is a hack actor who plays every piece exactly the same. The too cool for school guy… yet cares maybe just too much. Plus, he is patronizing to everyone onscreen. I have personal anecdotes that he is like that in real life, too.

    To sum: CSI is a cool show. Dourdan is a cool actor. Caruso is a hack. Dourdan should be replaced next season by Artie Garfunkel… who has been looking for gainful employment for about thirty years now.

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