So, what the hell happened?

You may know by now that we were offline and broadcasting from a UHF hut outside of Apache Junction for the last several days. This site was suddenly and without warning taken down. The good people at WordPress (who, note, I NEVER once disparaged them) determined the site to be a violation of the terms of service. Thing is, they never told me what the violation was. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote to them. At all times I was exceedingly polite and respectful. You all can learn from that. Yelling never gets anything done. Seriously.

So, luckily and wisely I own the name of my website. However, I never owned the resources I used to write the page. Here is a better analogy: I always owned the sign over the business… but never the business. So, when they came and shut my business down… I just moved my sign. Then, quite brilliantly, I handled it publicly as poorly as possible. Oh yes, see here. In just two days, I compared having to briefly re-map my website to:

a bit much, don’t you think? You bet your ass, crackers! At the heart of it, I didn’t really ever think it was a battle over content. As Tina mentioned in a comment around the corner, bagging Newt Gingrigh for being a hypocritical piece of douche bag shit was hardly the meanest thing I have done here. I thought I might be in trouble for using all these pictures that I steal from the internet to liven up the content.

Finally, today… it was there. A letter in my inbox from the WordPress people. I was nervous, and excited, like Jesus when he was ordered to drag his own execution cross through town as a matter of public shame. Then, came these few and forgiving words:

My apologies for the suspension – it appears to have happened because of the embedded ads – did you import recently from Blogger?

Your blog will not be suspended for the code again but if as you blog you could slowly reduce the code that is present that would be useful.

Sorry again and for taking so long to fix this.


And that was it. I rechecked my log in’s and both my sites were back up. Yes, because of this site… they took down my other site, which did piss me off a bit. Dude was nice, apologetic, and took responsibility. That, my friends, is how you get shit done. Thank you, Mark. Am quite glad I had the sense to never mouth off or threaten the WordPress folks. Each time I wrote, it was to apologize for whatever I had done. Turned out to be nothing. Note the name of the site, bitches… and remember I am Correct!


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