oh brother

So, this morning they announced the cops who killed the groom in NYC were acquitted.  You know what I thought when I heard this?  Not:  Oh, man, what a travesty of justice.  I hope justice was done.  That poor family and his wife!

These are the things I should have been thinking about.  Instead, I was thinking that Sharpton is going to show up with his panties in a bunch and hold a press conference.  Why is he the spokesman for all black people?  Isn’t that racist?  As I mentioned before, when something terrible happens to a white person… it’s not like James Taylor and Carrot Top are on the scene.

Why aren’t experts, or family members holding press conferences?  I mean, I am guessing their is a strategy here.  I am guessing the message is that blacks are still treated vastly different than whites.  That there is little or no fairness, still.  Until there is, we will bring these problems to your (white) attention and make a big stink about it.  This is fair, and probably not a bad idea.   Can someone else be spokesperson for a while, though?  To me, Jesse Jackson and Sharpton showing up belittles the bigger problem.  They are attention whores.  Someone made a joke a while ago that Sharpton must have podiums stashed all across the America’s…  ready at a moment’s notice.

This guy got killed by cops, very likely for no good reason.  We’ll never know for sure.  So, why is it when I clicked over to CNN for more news I see Sharpton’s face?  What is the golden rule of TV?  You have to be attractive, right?  Let’s have Halle Berry be the unjust black spokesman for a while.  Trust me, these press conferences would be way better attended.

If there must be a spokesman (which to means seems a little discriminatory) how about Chris Rock?  Get a respected black activist in there.  This is why we don’t send Dan Cortese or Carrot Top out anymore.  They became caricatures of what people think being white is.  That is so racist and close minded.  We are much more like Gallagher (America’s single greatest living treasure).  Oh Gallagher, when will you use that giant comical oversized mallet to crush injustice?


2 thoughts on “oh brother

  1. I have thought the same thing…don’t these guys have jobs? Who pays their salaries? Aren’t they all too busy chasing the skirts of white women to be doing all this talking?

    Every time those two speak, I change the channel. They actually are hurting the cause of those they are trying to champion.


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