I invented this

Ok, I just want to document and add to my legacy. You may know I am the one who came up with the idea of the ten key built onto a laptop. You are welcome for that, even though it isn’t in production yet.  Also, I claimed to have invent the phrase ‘newstainment’.  I did some research, and someone did come up with it before me.  My apologies for the false claim.

Other stuff I invented?  this catchy phrase “on it, like a bonnet”.  Please start using this immediately, I really wanna see it take off.

The last piece is this something I came up with years ago, but remains elusive to the small brains over at Websters.   Have you heard of the term ‘auditory hallucination’?  It’s dumb, isn’t it.  Takes too long to say, with WAY too many opportunities to mis-pronounce it.  So, instead, here is another gift to society:  hearlucination

get it?  It’s friggin’ brilliant, isn’t it?  Hear + Hallucination = a hearlucination

What’s next?  ‘snain’, and the new Spanish verb ‘Listar’.


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