You people

Ever been to sensitivity training?  You should, you need it.  I have been to LOTS, but not because of anything I ever did.  Anyhow, in sensitivity training, they tell you to NEVER use the phrase ‘you people‘.  Not as a prequel, in conversation… anything.  Never use those words, because anything that follows will be racist, generalist, or assumptive.  I don’t care, so here goes:

You people are assholes.  Why you ask?  Tell you why; what are you doing to this Miley Cyrus child?  You are destroying her.  The great Annie Liebowitz took some photos.  One photo shows the girl’s shoulder.  Shoulder.  Whatever, don’t care.  However, the douchebag media are calling her ‘the next Brittany‘ because she showed a shoulder.   There is also, a rumour that there are pics of her online showing a bra.  The next Brittney?  Well, Brittney has lost her children, lost her husband, lost her career, been taken away from her home on multiple occasion by police, and showed her vaj to anyone who will ask.

So, the child is the ‘next Brittany’?  Come on man, leave the kid alone.  If you wanna harsh someone’s mellow, pick on her father.  That asshole wrote ‘achy breakey heart’.


2 thoughts on “You people

  1. Did you read the whole story? Those pictures were taken after her parents left the photo shoot.

    It is sad. She’s fifteen.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and assume you’ve never seen her show, but our boys love it, and Billy Ray isn’t so bad, well at least I don’t mock him anymore.

  2. I read the piece by Annie Liebowitz, who says her parents were there the WHOLE time. She (Annie) also says that since it was digital, they all saw real time proofs.

    I can’t say I watch the show, and I do know it is beloved. that is why I didn’t use any of her public names, because I want this piece searchable on google.

    anyway, it’s just a shoulder.

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