Friday Fives

1. When did you last get lost?

     well, I am very rarely properly and totally lost.  That only happens four wheeling.  It is a very purposeful and strategic lost… like mountain biking on Sundays.  However, just this evening I turned the wrong way on the freeway because I wasn’t sure if Bellevue was north of south of where I was.  Turns out it was north.

2. Have you ever been flying?

     of course, what kind of dumb question is that? My father in law is a pilot.  He takes us flying to get to the store.  If you had any idea how remote he lived, you would understand that option isn’t beyond the pale at all.  For some Taylor sweet corn in August, I would learn to fly myself if necessary.

3. Who do you always listen to?

      Grateful Dead, NPR, and Bob Dylan.  Oh, and you… dear reader.  Just kidding.  No one cares what you think.

4. When does the day feel long?

     4 pm is about the toughest for me.  Inertia is slipping, and coffee just won’t work that late.  My body is on to me.  Yet, I am wide awake at 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm.  In fact, if I didn’t force myself to get to bed around 10 pm… I would be wide awake all night.  Just like I am wide awake right now.

5. Tell me about your day.

     what a banner day!  One of the best days I can remember.  I went to work, of course.  After work I went to see a screening of a live evening with nerd god Ira Glass from This American Life.  It was awesome.  Then, I went to go see and meet Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane fame) at a art show.  That band is a big influence on me (I have two different Jefferson Airplane box sets)… so that was extremely rewarding.  She sat and told stories, it was super cool.  Then, I came home and watched a new ‘Lost’.  After that?  Stone Temple Pilots re-unite live onstage on the Kimmel show.   Seriously, you could not define a more rewarding day for me that didn’t involve Elizabeth Kucinich.

* post script:  did you see that STP performance?  I had written this piece in anticipation off how excited I was.  I just watched it live.  It was TERRIBLE.  Dude was wasted, and the performance was a car crash.  Normally, it is ok if your singer is wasted.  In fact, it used to be sort of cool.  However, this singer just got out of jail yesterday for his fourth DUI.  He also got fired from STP for being a drug addict.  Then, he joined the rest of Guns and Roses to form ‘Velvet Revolver’.   That is, until exactly one month ago when the band fired him for being too fucked up.  Seriously.  

I hear addicts talk about ‘rock bottom’ or a ‘moment of clarity’.  I have seen STP live, in between Weiland’s third and fourth arrest about 15 years ago.  The show was AMAZING. Absolutely one of the top rock shows I have ever seen.  Anyhow, back to my point… when Slash (perhaps the most famous wasted dude ever since Keith Richards) says “dude, you have a problem”)… it is time to evaluate!

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to get STP tickets this summer.  However, after watching him just butcher three amazing hits (Vaseline, Trippin’ on a hole, and Interstate Love Song), I think I will pass.   More sad?  Weiland is going back on my dead pool list for 2009.

Funny, just two hours ago I was listening to the legendary Grace Slick tell anecdotes.  Someone asked her what happened to all her close friends (Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Keith Moon).  She said “it sucks, drugs killed them all, and for so long we didn’t know”.  It is true.  They didn’t know in the 60s drugs would kill you.  Sort of like when doctors used to do commercials for cigarettes.  You can read that in a book, or hear about that in a documentary.  However, I just got to hear Grace tell these stories to me tonight.  She didn’t even realize she was talking about Scott Weiland.


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