Friday Fives

1. Describe where you grew up:

         hot, but wonderful

2. Do you wear any jewelery?

      yes, two rings.  one a wedding band, and the other a ring my wife gave me from Mexico.  Nothing else.

3. What do you have too much of?

     can never have too many guitars or books.  That being said, I may have too many guitars and books.

4. Who is a fool?

     anyone who thinks letting big business do anything it wants without checks and balances, will somehow trickle down to the working class in the form of opportunity.  That was Reagan’s theory, and it created a recession for Bush.  Bush doesn’t have a theory, but his turning the other cheek when it comes to big business has destroyed the middle class in this country.  He is an enemy of the state, and has caused far more deaths than the tragedy of 09/11   By this definition, our president is also a terrorist.  George Bush is an economic terrorist.

   we have record unemployment, the dollar is at an historic low, millions of Americans’ are losing their homes, the forests of the Rockies have been ravaged by pine beetle (climate change), and the world hates us.  Oh, and no one ever caught Bin Laden… or explained why we are in Iraq. 

   let’s talk about that pine beetle issue, for a moment.  Take a look at this photo.  See the red trees?  Those aren’t leaves changing in the fall, those are dead trees… and that was taken five years ago. This is what is happening to our forests.  It is said that within five years, ALL Lodgepoll Pine will be eradicated in Colorado.  Remember the woods?  Hope so, because they won’t be here when you visit.  Can I blame the President?  Well, I do.  He cut the park service’s budget, and spent 8 years denying climate change.  Only one month ago did he ackowledge it was an issue.

   Here is a more recent and dramatic picture.  Go to this website and plug in these numbers N 39.91118 W 105.82254   That is one of our ski resorts.  See all that red?  That isn’t dirt, that is dead trees from pine beetle.  Keep zooming.  There was a plan years ago to spray the infected trees, and clear cut the dead away.  It was deemed too expensive.   That, to me, is environmental terrorism.

5. What’s your nickname?

      after this, cranky pushy Democrat guy, I reckon’.


One thought on “Friday Fives

  1. Wow! I didn’t see #4 coming at all! You managed to squeeze politics into the Friday Fives, well done cranky, pushy, Democrat guy!

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