Friday Fives

1. Where do baby airplanes come from?

Well, when a mother plane and a father plane love each other very much…  never mind all that.  Just look at the picture and use your imagination.

2. Do you think that life has meaning?

like a grand picture? no. However, it has value and can have meaning through leaving a positive experience in your wake.

3. What was your favourite childhood toy/object, or some of your favorites?

my teddy bear (which I still have), my pets, and my bicycles. really, that stuff hasn’t changed. Just different bikes and animals.

4. When you clasp your hands, do you put your right thumb over your left thumb, or your left thumb over your right thumb?

my left thumb is on top, because I am lefty. Why the veiled question, Roy? Why not just ask if I am left handed? in fact, I think you know I am left handed, so why the ceremony? Next time you want to know something about me, just text me like a man.

5. If you had to teach the most ignorant person on earth the most difficult thing you have ever learned, how would you go about doing it?

guitar – patience is the key. patience and persistance, my friend. That, and awesome mad rocking metal shredding skills. These are things I posess. First, though, patience and persistance.


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