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silly pilots

So, I was flying back home from vacation the other night. We were waiting on the tarmac waiting to be pulled back. It was hot. To be specific, it was Hotlanta. The AC went off. Then, the whole cabin went completely dark. Then, all of the emergency lighting came on. Normally, this would be extremely bad news on an airplane. We were just on the ground, though. Anyhow, the pilot came on and explained we had a power failure and they were bringing out mechanics. About 20 minutes later, the power came back on (and the AC, thankfully). The pilot explained that we’ll be fine. We just need to power off one engine at first, then the other.

this sounds kinda scary. Then, came this epic epic line from the pilot:

Ok, folks. We just got the mechanics to fix the paperwork and we’ll be on our way in just a minute here. Thanks for your patience.

Seems nice enough, and we were all happy to have the ac back on and get on our way. Then it hit me. What did he just say? Read that passage again. What is wrong with it? One word. One super critical word. The mechanics have fixed our paperwork. This concerns me. I don’t care about the paperwork, I care about the part where he said only one engine was working. Let’s have the mechanic fix that. Anyhow, the flight went fine and I am still alive. However, that experience kinda freaks me out on Delta. That’s right, America. I am naming names here on ‘I am Correct’.


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