only if it will help

By the time you are reading this, this issue may be moot.  However, this afternoon (Tuesday) Hillary Clinton said in a conference call to lawmakers on the Hill:

she would be open to becoming Barack Obama’s vice presidential nominee, saying she would consider it if it would help Democrats win the White House.

What a hero!  She is willing to be the second most powerful person alive… just to help the party.  That would be swell, except… she lost.  She lost the race.  It is over tonight.  For her to now say she will take second is disingenuine and reeks of desperation me.  It is like asking for a raise and getting fired.  Then, as security walks you out, you say you will stay with out the raise.  Too late.

If this is shear public service and altruism… then guess what;  If it will help the Democratic party win in November; I will accept the position of Vice President.  Know what else I will do?  I will take a new convertible coupe if it will help the Democrats win.  Sounds retartared, don’t it?  Somewhere, Ralph Nader is having a press conference that no one is attending to announce the same thing.  As the good folks at (famous for their demotivators) noted once:  being in second place really means you won and being last.  So, let that cheer you up!

The whole Clinton mess today (she dropped out and back in again three times since 6 am) was best summed up by Markos over at

Funny how Obama’s victory night is turning into a non-stop discussion about Hillary Clinton.

And that’s one reason why Obama can’t put her on his ticket — the Clintons overshadow anything around them.

By the way, that image at the top is from the excellent people at I can’t say enough good things about them, which is why they should be honored I am lifting their material for my own good.


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