Cheer up, heartless bastards!

Ok, this piece has been brewing for a while.  I kept waiting because I didn’t want it to come out as venomous as I knew it would.  However, CNN confirmed today that Republican voters are ‘depressed and demoralized after 8 years of Bush’.  Well, they should be.  He ruined America and he ruined the world’s perception of America worse.  He is a war criminal and a terrorist.

That isn’t my point, and I don’t want to gloat over his failures.  I want you Republicans to know that this is a great opportunity for you.  Because of the fact that GWB was the worst President in history of America, you will most likely lose in November.  That will be a blessing.  Take this opportunity to rebuild your party.  the GOP used to be about fiscal responsibility and states rights.  At least, that is what they claimed.  It was hijacked by the religious right, because they vote.

Well, you know this president has done more damage to fiscal responsibility and states rights since… ever.  Take this four years downtime and get your shit together.  Get back to your roots.  Remember how the GOP was a hero to small businesses?  They had a whole ‘let’s keep the government off your back’.  People love that crap, even if it meant walking away from all environmental and labor legislation.  It’s ok that you hate the proletariat.  We expect that, it’s why we have Dems.

This is your chance to take back the hearts and minds of Americans.  Stop worry about gay marriage, for christ sakes.  Get back to governing, and allowing rich people unfettered access to all the spoils of Democracy.  We, as Dems, will of course do everything we can to stop you.  But don’t make it so easy.

Now get out there, little soldier.  You get out there and play some golf and get your sexual harassment on.  Don’t mind us, we got a great guy to run the country while you rebuild.  Come on, chin up!  Go lay-off a few thousand blue collar workers… that always cheers you up, doesn’t it?


One thought on “Cheer up, heartless bastards!

  1. The republicans have completely lost sight of their pre-1980s rhetoric of “small federal government, power to the states,” nonsense. It makes sense that they moved on to religion; the whole purpose of small-fed, big-state was to allow business to get away with whatever the hell they wanted, and once they had successfully infiltrated the federal government and assumed near-universal control, it was easy enough to scale-back the anti-federal propaganda and hit their same voting base with something else that would get them to vote: religion. The republican party exists for two reasons: to dupe stupid people into voting for them and to make their members obscenely wealthy. And there’s nothing we can do about it except talk with our votes. But I have a back-up plan: in the words of George Carlin “If you can’t beat them, arrange to have them beaten.”

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