It’s summer time again!

Know what that means? Balloon launching season, again! Here at I am, you know I am into community service and doing good and all that jibba jabba. There is another project I have for summers. I take small kids from around the neighborhood and we go balloon launching down at the park. It is more fun than kites, because we attached messages to the balloons to see where they land. I used to do this with my brothers when I was a kid.

It used to be helium balloons with latex, the kind you use for a birthday party. However, they only go about 800 feet up before they pop. We use a much stronger material, mylar. Those are those balloons that look like they are metal, which is also more dramatic when we launch them. Once a month, I do a camp where the boys all stay over and the wife is out of town and we launch balloons! It’s awesome. Last year was such a success, I want to expand the program. It’s time to go nationwide.


I am having a lot of trouble raising cash, though.   Balloons aren’t cheap.  Just try calling someone and explaining you need cash for ‘NAMBLA’.  They freak out, which is weird.  I didn’t think anyone had heard of us, and am still not sure why they are freaked out.  Anyhow, we aren’t deterred… and still need your help.  Do us a favor and google ‘nambla’ at work as soon as you can.   If you have any internet filters restricting content, it would be wise to remove them.  In fact, don’t hesitate to call your IT group and explain you can’t get onto NAMBLA.  We want you help to launch a thousand balloons this summer, and create a thousand smiling faces.


4 thoughts on “It’s summer time again!

  1. Ah, Lono, my well-intentioned but terribly misguided friend… I have a story about balloons in the wilderness. Being a wildlife biologist, I’ve hiked all over the place – even lots of places most never go, all in the name of science. Nothing will boil a biologists’ skin more than seeing one of those mylar balloons launched by some clueless urban dweller. Balloons don’t belong in nature. Balloons belong in elementary schools, high school proms, hospitals, and county fairs. Please keep them where they belong, because they litter the backcountry someth’n fierce – something the plants, animals, and biologists don’t care for.


  2. Woody, Pookus, Brian… whoever you are sir:

    how do I do three paragraphs on pedophilia and child predation and get yelled at for being anti-environmental?

    that reminds me, this old guy and this little boy are walking in the woods and it is all scary out and getting dark. the little boy says “mister, I’m scared!” the older guy says “you’re scared? I gotta walk out of here alone!”

    As for balloons, though, you are right. We were in Florida two weeks ago sitting at the beach at night when some little LED lights tied to deflated balloons washed up. Someone had done a beautiful wedding and sea and released hundreds (thousands?) of balloons with little lights attached into the sky. I am sure it was briefly dazzling, now it is ocean pollution.

    people suck. except small boys. You know, you wrote that song.

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