Friday Fives

1. What drink wakes you up best in the morning?


2. During the day, what do you drink to keep going?

coffee, and green tea

3. Do you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water per day? Why/why not?

I drink one and a half to two nalgenes a day in the office

4. What are the ingredients of your favorite mixed drink?

I invented it. It’s called the ‘Lono’.  It is a shot of malibu rum, a shot of bacardi 151.  fill with ice and sprite and a grenadine floater.

5. Are you a coffee drinker? How do you take your coffee, if so?

oh yes, 5 to 6 cups a day… minimum.  At Starbucks, I order a quad… and that is just to keep my eyes open.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fives

  1. you kill me every time. 5-6 cups to keep your eyes open! You are soooo on your way to a heart attack. Here is another way to get your heart going that you will find is wayyy better- its called EXCERCISE. Now get to it so I don’t have to visit you at an early grave. (yes I said that)

    Love me 🙂

  2. listen here, genius. I am at the gym three days a week. I’m getting so fit it is disgusting. That’s bad news for you if you keep this sassing up.

    That’s right, your worst nightmare. Fit, strong, buff, hot… and all hopped up on coffee.

  3. 3 days a week? Nice! Didnt know…. Proud of ya.. I noticed you have no links to your family blogs? Get on it….

    Leah, Tina, Jack & matthew, me, all have blogs.

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