Friday Fives

Do you pee in the shower?

well, yeah. I mean, did you have to ask? I mean, your question implies not everyone does. Oh god, I am some kind of unsanitary monster, aren’t I? Especially when you consider I don’t even have a shower. Specifically, I pee in your shower.

Where do you call home?

right here. My beautiful little house in south Denver, CO. Also, Phoenix, AZ.

What do you do before bed?

read, always. It calms my brain down. I make sure I read about fifteen minutes each night. Helps empty my mind of work and such. What am I reading right now? Glad you asked, it is the Doors book by the drummer. You would know that if you were checking my super narcissistic ‘what i’m reading’ tab. Also, very soon will be this cool book shelf application thing. Soon, young jedi. soon.

What are your hidden charges?

lunch at crazy Jerry’s sammich shop.

What’s behind you?

A weather station. Shows room temp, hygrometer (humitidy measurer thingy) and barometer. It looks like this.


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