fix that brain!

On CNN today, there is a story about a dude who was AWAKE for his brain surgery. Hew as able to read and articulate what he was reading. Good on him. That is something, what an advancement. Yay for Western Medicine and such. Right?

Wrongo! Wtf? I not only don’t want to be awake if you are operating on my brain… I don’t want to be alive. Guess what, I am qualified to discuss this. Years ago, I had a cerebral hemorrhage and had to be medivacked 120 miles to the hospital. They wanted to open my noggin and I judo chopped the whole staff until they gave me the good narcotics. After that? I don’t remember what happened. Who cares, really? Am still here, despite your best efforts. As for courage, I have to be put under to get my truck’s oil changed. I had to take two valium just to finish reading the story for this piece. See what I do for you, reader?

1 thought on “fix that brain!

  1. Actually, Kev, I blame myself for the hemorrhage years ago. You see, that was the week that I tried to quit drinking coffee. Very bad things happened that week, as you are aware. I have never tried quitting coffee (or anything, really) since. Too much on the line. I’ll take a cup ‘o joe every morning to make sure my people remain OK. My small, though significant, contribution to the greater good. Your jittery friend, Woody

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