Friday Fives

1. What was the first thing you cooked

when I was young, helping my mom I would make brownies and mac and cheese.  Those were dishes which I was allowed to manage all by myself at an early age.

2. When you really want to impress, what do you cook?

my skills in this arena are really too many to mention.  However, for the sake of brevity… I would say my shrimp scampi.

3. Gas or Electric?

were I to have a choice, I reckon’ I would choose gas since it is instant on and instant off.  However, I have only worked with electric.   So, that will do.  My culinary skills can not be contained by such simple questions as ‘gas or electric’.  That is classic small mind thinking.

4. What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

a small saute pan.  I saute onions and garlic and peppers and them add them to absolutely everything I cook.  That stuff goes in my cheerios in the morning.

5.  Food emergency: What can you always prepare quickly in a pinch?

pasta and a protein.  No matter where you are, in their kitchen there is some kind of meat and some kind of pasta.  Gimme and onion and twenty minutes and I’ll give you a meal to cry over*.     * works better if you are drunk… by the way.  Drunk people LOVE my cooking.  They are super easy to please, too.

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