Key US ally?

In the news today, it was announced that military despot, and all around douchebag Musharraf of Pakistan was going to step down.  Well, to be specific… he was forced down.  The press described him as a “key US ally“.  Really?  I mean, really?

Musharraf is a military dictator.  He took his post by force.  He is a terrorist, and a terrorist sympathizer.  He is a monster.  He is also the dillhole who took 10 BILLION in US aid and never did shit for us.  Then, he almost got into a nuclear war with India.  Then, he had his main rival murdered on live TV in front of the whole country. Not a goddamn single thing.  See, Pakistan is likely where Bin Laden is… and always was.  We know that, but they won’t let us in to hunt him.

In addition, when the election cycle began last fall to get his ass thrown out, we urged him to stay cool.  He didn’t, of course.  He put the whole country into a military lockdown.  Bush said ‘be cool, baby’ and Musharraf told us to mind our own business.  Normally, I would agree.  However, once you accept 10 BILLION dollars from us in ‘aid’… you are our bitch.

Key US ally?  Here is how you get to be a key US ally.  Give us Bin Laden.  Hand him over, and we won’t bomb the shit out of you.  Next, give us back half of the ten billion.  Next, walk away quietly to all your pilferred riches and never talk to anyone again.  Head to despot island, with Noriega, Pol Pot, GW Bush, and Kim Jong Ill.  You will be safe there.  However, you will be unable and unallowed to govern in any manner whatsoever.  At all.


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