Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite lyric of all time? Why?

and these children that you spit on as they try and change their world. They’re immune to your consultations, they’re quite aware what the’re going through

Bowie > Changes

why? seems obvious, doesn’t it? that could be the most succinct and powerful sentence every uttered regarding a generation gap. Frankly, the writing is way above Bowie if you ask me. Maybe his guitarist, Ronson, wrote it. I mean, you are telling me the guy whose other great hits were ‘China Girl’ and ‘Let’s Dance’ somehow shat that Dylanesque line out above? Not likely. Still, it is beautiful and powerful and wonderful.

2. Friday fill-in: there’s no time to ____.

drink that whole box of wine! Ha ha ha, just kidding

3. Have you ever been a victim of a crime.

yes, as you read this.

4. Did you work hard this week?

yes, but not as hard as the week before. Big boss was in town last week and we spend 6 hours a goddamn day in meetings. He is gone now, so we can actually go back to work.

5. Do you have a favorite set of shoes.

yes, these I am wearing. Chaco Z1. They are not just super comfortable and versatile, they are the only shows I can wear without orthodics in addition. Oh, and they aren’t shoes… they are sandals. Also, they are also made in Colorado. I always shop local when I can, because I am so deep. My favorite ‘shoe‘ shoes are my Keen‘s.


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