Convention Time

What’s up, commies? As you know, my beloved town of Denver is hosting my beloved Democrats this week. You may know I am very active in the Democrat party, and am my precinct captain. You may know that ran for office in 2004, and actually got 1600 votes. So you probably imagine I am on the shortlist for the big parties.

Nope. Not a goddamn thing. I can’t even get into the Pepsi Center. I have actually worked hard to avoid downtown. Downtown is a mess. We have 50,000 people downtown, and all roads are closed. You can’t get in, and you can’t get out. It’s a political Hotel California. So, I haven’t really got to do anything cool yet. Good news is that all changes tomorrow. Because I am loyal Dem, and have many irons in the fire… I scored tix for the Thursday football stadium speech.

The football stadium holds about 60,000 people. So, you would think anyone who applied got tix. Oh no. I don’t know anyone with tix besides the wife and I. I kind of lucked out. I got work from my local Dem group about the website sign up. I had got that e mail about an hour before the Associated Press did. There is a waiting list for cancellations. That list has over 50,000 on it. It’s a big mess because it involves the secret service. For example, the tickets are not transferable. Mine has a serial number which is registered to my name and I have to provide a state ID to get in tomorrow.

I wish you could see this ticket. It is beautiful. It has a 3d hologram that alternates between Obama and the American flag on this plastic laminate. No way in the world someone could bootleg this in the time available. They only handed them out last week.

Getting there and back will be a nightmare, as the roads and parking lots are all closed. That’s ok, let’s look to the good of the event. Aside from getting to see Obama speak again, there is major cool shit going on. Here is what the latest word is: Al Gore will speak, Jennifer Hudson will sing the Anthem. The mayor and the gov will both speak (they are both Dems), John bon Jovi will play an acoustic set. Bruce Springsteen will play an acoustic set*. Holy shit this is going to be awesome. It’s an 8 or 10 hour event, though. We get in at 1 pm, Obama speaks at 8 pm, then whatever Springsteen plays.

If I am not too tired or maddened by the transport home, I’ll put up a review here late tomorrow night. I was going to take you, but because of the secret service stuff, I can’t. We do get to bring a camera though, and I have reason to believe we might have REALLY good seats. So, if I do post tomorrow night… I’ll throw some pics up as well. I am not sure what will get broadcast tomorrow. Hopefully, you will get to see these mini concerts. Also, you get to see Obama speak. I have seen him speak in person, he is really really good at public speaking. Like… Bill Clinton good.

So, watch for me on the news tomorrow. I hand crafted a dark chocolate ceremonial handgun I plan on delivering to the candidate in person. To show my enthusiasm, I plan on running up on stage to hand him the chocolate weapon. For more details, this official site is really useful and decently candid.

* ok. holy crap. The local news just reported U2 will play tomorrow. Holy shit!

** ok. next morning.  The new is the Springsteen story is a myth.  No mention of Bon Jovi, and certainly nothing about U2.   So, outside of Sheryl Crow (who us white folk really do love) the day is a bit of a mystery.


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