Ok, just got back from the big Obama speech.  Start from the piece below this, then read this.  So, how was it?  What was it like?  It was amazing.  It was a long day, I was there from 1 pm until 9 pm.  Though it was full of zillions of speeches, it was all Dems.  So, I loved it.  I got to see some great Dem luminaries: Pelosi, Gore, Bill Richardson (who looks an awful lot like Stefano, if you know what I mean).  The speeches were short, and generally powerful.  We had nosebleed seats, but were super thankful just for the opportunity to be there.  Today was history.

In addition, at least our seats faced the stage.  Here is a shot I took with my blackberry.  I have way better pics, but haven’t offloaded them from the camera yet. That blue down on the left was the stage, but we mostly watched the jumbotron on the upper right of the stadium.  In fact, you can barely make out Obama’s torso on the jumbotron.   What do you mean it’s blurry, it’s just a cell phone.  Gimme a break with the pictures already.

Everyone was so happy to be there, and everyone seemed to understand that this was bigger than us.  We really feel a chance to take our country back.  To me, it seems too good.  As you may have seen, Obama is crazy good at public speaking.  It is alarming how good and likable he is.  The whole experience went well.  The crowds were decently managed, and we got to pay Broncos’ prices.  $4.50 for a hot dog, $4.00 for a water… you know the drill.  The line in was well managed for the most part.  It took us an hour to get in.  If you consider they had to get 84,000 (latest official number) through secret service, they did a hell of a job.

The audio was good, the video was good.  We were all handed flags and signs, all the way up there.  In the concourse, there were tvs playing video and audio of the speeches while you were out getting a bite.  The audio on Obama’s speech was impeccable.  This is impressive when you consider this is a venue not built for this.  You would think they did this every day, though.

contrary to the many rumors, there was no Springsteen, bon Jovi, or U2.  There was music, though.  Sheryl Crow, and Steve Wonder.  Something that impressed me was how…  uh… black the event was.  I am a politico, and have been to a few events.  I even saw Clinton speak.  The only thing that had more white people in attendance was a James Taylor concert.  I was afraid the whole event would be a pandering to old white people showing them non-offensive other white people (hence the Sheryl Crow booking).  Yet, he did not forsake his black roots at all.  There were several black speakers, many tributes to Martin Luther King, and Stevie Wonder headlining the music.  This was great, and important to me.  He didn’t turn his back on his heritage.

I love this time of year, and I am excited to be an Democrat and an American again.  If history is any indication, though, the American electorate will let me down and totally fuck us again.  I mean, really… John McCain?  He clearly isn’t the best candidate.  Not by a mile.  Even the Christian Right nutjobs don’t like him.  The only way McCain wins is if racism beats out good sense.  It’s your turn, America.

* lastly, and largely unrelated.  Holy crap did Bill Clinton look amazing or what?  As the wife said “he must have had some work done”.  I mean, dude was handsome… it floored me.

** I had a celebrity moment.  I got bum rushed by John Kerry’s goons.  It was an honor.  I was leaving the venue and some gargantuous ape of a man pushed me out of the way and hurried past.  He did say ‘excuse me’ to be fair.  Then, another one did the same thing.  They had badges on, so I assumed it was cops rushing to an incident.  Nope, because the third person to push me out of the way was Senator John Kerry himself.   Very cool.  He was rather tall, and not nearly as ugly in person as he is on tv.

*** to clarify.  that first photo on top wasn’t taken by me.  That was stolen from  The second shot is indeed me.

More pictures to come on the election page, from a really good camera.


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