too much free time

Here is an imagined conversation between famed news face Hannah Storm and some anchor hack regarding Hurricane Hannah… the Hannah storm, if you will:

Tom: And now, back to Hannah Storm with hurricane Hannah coverage:

Hannah: Thanks Tom. Currently, we are about 200 miles off the coast of Florida, and plan on being a full blown hurricane by morning. Early projections show us hitting the coast of Florida around the keys, and then petering out over land. That’s not gonna happen, though, Tom. We are going around the keys and heading into the gulf. Yup, warm water, baby. We are going to gather force like the Hulk with PMS! We fancy being a category four storm when we hit Austin. Why Austin, because my douchebag of an ex husband lives there with his whore of a new wife.


2 thoughts on “too much free time

  1. Oh, I do have a Palin post. In fact, I have two or three up just from yesterday. Am holding off until tonight’s speech to speak further.

    In addition, it appears the NYT retracted the whole secessionist story. So, I am tight lipped for now.

    she look or act pregnant to you here?

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