Friday Fives

1. When is the last time your phone rang in the middle of the night?

    About a month ago.  I am on call one week a month with the Red Cross doing disaster and emergency work.

2. Are you more likely to be caught humming, whistling or singing to yourself?

    singing, and poorly!

3. Do you work hard or do you take the easy way out?

    I don’t care this line of questioning, or your tone.  I will tell you something my Dad taught me, and it is some serious wisdom.  It sounds simple, but write this shit down:   “you can play now, and pay later.  Or, you can pay now and play later”.   That is about the most valuable and succinct advice on adulthood I have ever heard.

4. When is the last time you dressed inappropriately for a situation?

   I wore blue jeans with a tie to work yesterday.

5. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?

   Though I carry a wallet, I don’t keep money in it.  The money sits in my pockets.  Right now I have about $17 in there.


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