You’re satan!

I was at a party the other night for an old friend.  At this party, an older gentleman who I did not recognize yelled “Hey, you are satan.  Hail satan!” and put his arms around me. Being me, something like this isn’t totally uncommon.  Still, I had no idea what I was ‘satan’, but it seemed a good thing to him.  I smiled and thanked him and moved on my way.  After a few more beers, a nice lady approached me and said “satan, my husband told me you were here.  I just wanted to say thank you so much!” You are welcome, I graciously offered.  As I mentioned, they seemed quite pleased with me being satan, so I wasn’t in a hurry to correct them.  I was curious, though.  Then, I got the clue I needed.  The wife said “we still have that CD, and we love it!” Ok, now it all made sense.  I had met these people at a poker party about five years ago.  I was playing music for the crowd, as I was long out of cash at the table (texas no limit hold ’em).  I popped on Neil Diamond’s ‘sweet caroline’.  Sounds cheeky, but when drunk… these songs are always a BIG hit. The couple in question told me how much they loved Neil Diamond, and they hadn’t heard him in years.  I too love Neil Diamond.  That’s right, I said it.  So, I had made a mix of my favorite Neil Diamond songs.    So that I could remember it, I wrote on the disc with a sharpie “Hail Satan > the hits of Neil Diamond”.  This was truly for my own amusement, since Neil Diamond is quite clearly the furthest from the anti-Christ I could think of. In a fit of generousness, I offered my CD to them.  It was just a home made burned cd, cost me about 45 cents.  They were thankful and we had more beers and enjoyed our Neil Diamond time together. Well, fast forward five or so years.  They still have that CD, and totally remember me.  The problem is, they didn’t know my name.  They only knew me as the satan guy.  I was cool with that, and never did correct them.  Hail satan, indeed!


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