Friday Fives

1. What do you try to stay away from?


2. Are you clumsy or graceful?

I could not fairly be described as either
3. What is it too late for?
4. What/who was your first love?

As a classy guy,  I’m not naming names, but I think in 2nd grade I had a ‘girlfriend’ named Jill.  I don’t think we kissed or even held hands.  So, does that even count?  Somewhere, in some distant blog in Phoenix, AZ… we can only assume same Jill sings my lamentations nightly.  Sorry, Jill.  You blew it!  Should have put out!

5. Friday fill in:
I believe that ____ will _____ .

I believe that I am going to have tacos for breakfast.  I am keenly aware that is not health food.  I am starting back on the oatmeal next week.  stupid oatmeal.  Wait, is this supposed to be about the election?  Ok, then I believe McCain will win the presidency (sadly) and Dems will completely take over both houses of congress.  If this happens, absolutely nothing will get done for the next four years but bitching and gridlock.  Frankly, I blame you.

Why do i think that McCain will win when all surveys say Obama is in the lead?  Well, I think America is still afraid of a black guy. Also, I think key Democrat demographics (young people and poor people) will continue to not vote like they always haven’t.  Plus, poor people (a big demographic of Dems) are easily tricked.  In florida, when Bush won in 2000, they told people that if they had unpaid parking tickets they would be arrested if they tried to vote.

If America could vote by Playstation or XBox, we would have a Democratic presidency.  However, young people simply don’t vote.  They volunteer, sign petitions, and talk a good game.  They don’t show up on election day.  This is why polling cell phones isn’t as impacting as we thought it would be.


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