Nic Cage stops acting, and admits it!



Nicholas Cage is a courageous man.  Many actors just stop acting in their prime.  Who?  Keanu Reeves, David Caruso, Gary Sinise, Dennis Farina, the Rock, and Al Pachino… to name a few.  These are people who either opted to stop acting…  or worse:  play the same character for their entire career.


Cage falls into the former.  He was a good actor.  Remember Raising Arizona?  That was good stuff, solid character acting.   Then, the worst possible fate for an actor befell him > action roles.

Some could never act, I am looking in your direction Matthew McConnasomethingorother.

Some time ago, Nick Cage stopped acting.  Just, threw in the towel.  Oh, he was in movies alright, but he stopped acting sometime right after ‘Leaving Las Vegas’.  Here is what Nick Cage said earlier this year he was “going to quit acting”.  Yeah, he is still doing movies, he just isn’t acting anymore.  At least dude admits it.


Boy, he sure nailed that one right on the head. Nick Cage is like Axl Rose.  They both would have served the world better had they died at 27 and left us wondering what awesomeness they would have given us.  Instead, we have the reality, which is a shit sammich.




mean?  sure.  but accurate, admit it!





4 thoughts on “Nic Cage stops acting, and admits it!

  1. I want you all whom expect Nicholas Cage to return to his rebel image is exactly what provokes negative comments, regarding him, and negative reviews regarding his film acting, too. Watch his old eighties films, and reminisce, joyously, which is okay, I do, but don’t expect the unrealistic, and impossible from him. He can’t go back, and he won’t. Even if he did, he’d look pretty stupid being a rebel, with a cigarette, and snakeskin jacket on at 45. I think, deep down, you also know that you’re not really trying to help him restore his integrity as an actor, either. You’re stuck on the opinion, that some of his other roles have either been too goody-goody like in “It Could Happen to You”, “Family Man” and that he traded his principles for fame, and money, because you’re too selfish, afraid to grow up yourself, and think of others, like young children of THIS generation, share him with them, which he’s set a positive, more honorable, respectable example through his films of the early nineties to the present, being as he’s also had children of his own. If you could see how he’s done that through the roles, of some of his more recent films of the nineties, and in the new millenium, you might view him in a more positive light. Why don’t you? I did, recently. I discovered he wasn’t the more negative one. I was.

    • Wow, Kelly.

      Thanks for your feedback, but I have to say you missed the boat here. I am not concerned about his image, or his ability to return to his image. I am concerned he can not ACT. He can not emote, relate, or convey emotion. There is no pathos, or affectation.

      and the dialogue delivery is just painful. To say it is wooden would be a hurtful thing to say to wood.

      thank you for reading, though!


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