Friday Fives

Alright, crackers…  a little late.  My apologies, I have been all goofed on trypophan and stuffing shooters.

1. What is a common ear worm that you get?

this minute, ‘Annie Dog’ from Smashing Pumpkins.  Here is what happens, though.  Every morning, I wake up with a song stuck in my head (that is what an earworm is, by the way).

2.  How long do they last?

quite simply, until I listen to the song.

3. What do you do to get rid of them?

uh… are you reading?  i listen to the song.  That is the only way to get rid of them.  Also, very specifically, you have to listen to the WHOLE song.  This is generally where earworms come from… unfinished songs in your head through the day.

4. What is the worse ear worm you’ve ever had?

years ago, Ford had this truck commercial with some famous country singer dude.  He sang “if I had money, tell you what I’d do.  I’d go downtown and buy a Ford truck or two.  Crazy ’bout Ford truck”.  Well, it was catchy as hell, and was played every 30 seconds for months.  It drove the wife and I crazy.  So, we would torture each other.  I would call her at work and sing that stupid song and hang up.  Then, it would be in her head for hours again.  Man, I rule.

5. Do you get some guilty pleasure in passing the ear worm along?

um, yeah.  We just covered that.  I guess I should have read the questions all the way through, first.  I don’t though, because I want you to get an unfiltered real time look at my awesomeness.  Plus, I don’t want to over think these questions.  They are meant to be light and airy… like you.


One thought on “Friday Fives

  1. …And then y0u bought a Ford truck.

    And when that evil piece of crap boned you in the butt, you went out and bought ANOTHER Ford truck.

    They should have had you on medication years ago.

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