Can I just say something here?

Ok, this is a strange and quite possibly gross discussion.  However, as is usually the case, only I have the courage to address it.  Ladies, I want your pubic hair back.  There, I said it.   I told you it would be gross, and it is.  Here is the deal; these bald vajingos freak me out.   That isn’t sexy, it looks like an 8 year old girl naked (trust me, I know).

I waited quietly for the fad to fade.  What’s it been, 5… 10 years now? As a 36 year old virgin, I can’t say for sure.  Still, someone needs to take the lead on this.  Because I am a super good dude, you can send your pictures to me for support. Grow your garden, America!  Society may not appreciate you, ladies, but I do.

* update 4.9.2013

I was right!  I told you so!  I am Correct!  You get the idea.

3 thoughts on “Can I just say something here?

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