coach is gone

So, I just found out they fired Coach Shanahan.  I am stunned.  I am bummed.  I feel like I lost a family member.  He has always been the coach.  I mean, I know that we haven’t hit the playoffs in a long time.  However, we always had a winning record.  Doesn’t that count for anything?

They have been calling for his head for years.  You can read about that here in the archives.  I always defended him.  I am sad he is gone.  Super sad, but I can’t defend him anymore.  I guess that says it all, huh?

Well, here are my choices for the record:  Bill Cowher, and then… Mike Holmgren.


2 thoughts on “coach is gone

  1. Bill Cowher is the same as Shanahan, someone who won the big one six years ago and Holmgren…really? Holmgren… He had one good season in Green Bay and one good season in Seattle…

    Look at the biggest turn around in years…The Dolphins, The Falcons and the Ravens…all with first time head coaches.

    I’ll bet Shottenheimer will get a call!

  2. Bill Cowher would never coach the Broncos. Even if he takes another coaching job, he would want to coach a team that he believed would have a chance of getting anywhere.

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