Friday Fives

1. What is your biggest waste of time in your home?

       it used to be tv, until we got rid of cable.  those bastards raised their rates again and our combined cable/internet/phone bill was $180.   Now, consider we had no movie channels or anything like that… and the bundle we signed up for was $99 a month.  That lasted about a month.   So, we told them to suck it.  We dropped the land line all together, and cable too.  Now we just pay $40 a month for internet.

2. When at work, what is the activity that you find wastes the most time?

    the internet

3. When getting busy with a date or significant other, what ritual could you do without?

     the dogs staring at us

4. What is the biggest waste of time on the Internet?

     news.  I am addicted to news.  can never get enough.  I want an AP wire installed in my cranium.

5. What do you do at a restaurant to waste time when waiting for your meal?

     firstly, we very rarely go out to eat.  Too expensive.  We go out maybe once a quarter.  I chat with the wife, while I wait, and eat chips.   Why chips?  Because we are addicted to mexican food… and Denver is the place to be when you have that problem.  If I am eating alone, I surf the internet on my phone.  Unlike most people, I really don’t mind eating out alone at all.  However, the caveat is that I must have something to read.

* Comcast update > as I was trolling the internet for news this morning, I came across this little gem.  Comcast is raising their rates.  Allow me to reiterate…  Comcast can suck it, mark my words.  If I go back, it will be to satellite TV.  Unlike cable, they have competition and so have to act accordingly.


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