thoughts on the verge of history

ok, we are on the last day of the Bush presidency, and I could not be happier.  Allow me to briefly explain why he is a horrible monstrous peice of excrement as a leader.  I think GW believed in the idea of America.  I think he believed in the image of America.  I think he believed in the promise of America.

What is unfortunate is that I don’t think he ever believed in Americans.  I do not believe he made a single decision to support or uplift Americans.   When I say ‘Americans’ I mean people who work for a living here in this country.  It seems to me (and about 75% of everyone else) that he did nothing for working class Americans.   His decisions were driven by the idea of America, and the promise that big business would make us all rich and safe.  He couldn’t have been more wrong, and when time and time again that was shown to him… he would not change course.  I don’t think that is something to be proud of.

I believe he felt that protecting the free market and big business would lead the world to Democracy.   It super didn’t though, and ironically crashed our own economy.  He is a monster because he refused to change course, and he refused to listen.  History will regard him as the worst president, and I have nothing nice to say about his reign of terror.

* so, I thought about this piece last night and wondered if it was too harsh.  Then I realized it isn’t nearly harsh enough.  Why?   Because of all the extremely criminal and dangerous scandals this administration has been in, my guess is we only know about half.   Wait until the indictments start rolling and all his evil underlings are forced to testify before a grand jury.   These people never served their country.   They served their president, but never their country.  That is the problem with this batch of sycophants and yes men, who will all likely invoke the ‘Nuremberg Defense’.  In a country great as ours, that is not acceptable.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Our long national nightmare is finally over.


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