Govt at work, really!

*** Update at bottom – 2.6.13

Good day.  You may read that title and think I am here to rail against something or other.  I ain’t, honest.  I am here to applaud the leadership of the Post Office.

Turns out they are broke.  Well, a little worse…  2.8 Billion in the red.  That is a lot of cabbage, even for a Govt agency.  Now, the post office knows not to expect a 2.8 billion dollar bailout.   Those only go to fat cats and white collar criminals.

So, what is the Post Office to do?  Start firing people?  nope.  Raise the price of stamps, like they do every 23 seconds?  nope.  Simple solution:  cut out Saturdays.

If they cut out Saturdays, they can make that money back.  I LOVE this idea, probably because it seems like such a simple solution.  I mean, mail on Saturdays is nice… but do you really need it?  No, of course not.  No one does.  If it means that much to you, I think UPS is open on Saturdays.  Maybe it’s Fedex.  One is, but not the other.  I can’t say Obama did anything here.  They have been talking about it for years.

So, assuming they can execute this… I applaud the Post Office and their ingenuity.   Small problem, though.  Doing this would literally have to go through Congress.  Get crackin’ on this, whitey.

*** update.  I was Correct.  They are finally doing it. 

Here is what is super awesome and prototypical.  Everyone agreed years ago this was perfect.  Way better to cut a day than fire thousands of working Americans.  Both President Bush (whose adminstration came up with the idea) and President Obama agreed.  Let’s do it.  Of course, however, you can’t just do it.  Nope.  Congress has to do it.  So, this isn’t controversial, why not pass it?  Well, we don’t know, but they never did a fucking thing.  So, the Post Office announced yesterday they are just going to cut Saturdays.  Huzzah to them for having the stones to put in a solution.  Obviously Congress wasn’t going to help.

*** update update – if you haven’t learned yet, you should be reading this site more often, and so should the guy who ‘researched’ this piece.  I wrote about this almost exactly four years ago.  Yes, the piece I refernce says ‘after months of discussion’.  Months?  Really?  Dude need to subsribe to my newsfeed.

sadder update 07/2014

absolutely nothing has been done yet, and nothing is on the horizon.  the post office is billions in debt, with no solution in site.


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