Friday Fives

on tuesday.   Yes, because your rules of society don’t apply to me.  Plus, I was gone for a bit.  Sorry for the delay.

1. What types of board games do you like to play, if any?

I love just about any board games.

2. How often do you play board games?

About quarterly, if one were to count these things

3. What is your absolutely favorite game?

No preference.  I have mad dork skills which apply to little in life outside of said games.   So, I tend to win (but fail at life).

4. Describe your Monopoly strategy.

Acrrue as much land as possible.  Money means nothing.  Go into debt if you have to, but get as much land as possible.   That is all that counts at the end of the day in monopoly.

5. Do you feel that board games are becoming obsolete with the rise in computer and video gaming?

No way.  The wife and I just spent a week and a half on the beach without electricity.  It was great.  We sat on the beech and played travel scrabble and yahtzee every night.  No power, just a few beers on the beech and our little portable backpack games.


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