superbowl concerns

Ok, I know I am a little late to the party here, but this needs to be discussed.  The Superbowl, did you watch it?  Why isn’t everyone up in arms about the entirely fraudulent nature of the game.  Yup, in my eyes, the whole game has an asterisk beside it.  Why?

That Kurt Warner ‘fumble’ at the end.  His arm was going forward, the ball was going forward.   That makes it an imcomplete pass.  However, it was called a fumble.

Now, there might be an argument to say he never had control of the ball during that going forward part.   We won’t ever know because the play wasn’t reviewed.  That is the real scandal that completely freaks me out.  It is almost immaterial whether it was an incomplete forward pass.  My super concern is why this wasn’t reviewed by upstairs?  As a super hardcore NFL fan, this threatens to undermine everything I dig about football.

What was worse is I was in Mexico watching the game on a spanish language feed.   So, I don’t know what was happening.  I only know they didn’t review the play that would likely decide the game.  I would like to show you a clip, but the NFL pulled them offline.  They are funny about that.  Technically, we can’t even have this conversation.  This is an account of the fraud during the game.  This makes it an account of the game.  Yeah, they actually say that.  No accounts of the game without the express written consent of the NFL.

I guess they are losing touch with the common fan, or I guess maybe I am not common.   $25,000 just for a ‘license‘ to purchase Jets tickets?  I mean, $25 grand and you don’t even get tickets.


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