The digital tv switch

You may know that all TV was supposed to go digital next week.  This has been worked on for years.  When I was a kid, my dad worked for the tv station and explained this would all be done 20 years ago.   Everyone cried “we’re not ready” and so it would get pushed back.

Now, with like three years warning, they are going to push the date back again to June.

Why, because people aren’t ready.  Guess what, I am not ready.  I know you think to yourself “but Lono, someone as successful and wonderful as you surely has cable or satellite… probably both.”   I have neither.  I get my tv over the air and it totally sucks ass.  So, you think I would applaud the big stall, but I do not.

There is only one way to get this done, do it.  Yes, there will be some trouble and confusion for a few months.  Tough crap.   That will happen no matter when you do the switch.

When I was younger, I was told repeatedly that by now we would be metric.  Everyone on earth agrees it’s better.  It is simpler, easier to learn, and what the rest of the world uses.  Problem is, we never had the balls to make the switch.  Guess what, your car’s speedometer has kilometers on it, so does your map.  I say change the speed limit and distance signs overnight.  It will be an ugly few days, but we will adjust quickly and everything will be fine.

The only people who will lose television for more than about 24 hours is your grandparents.  Sadly, mine are all gone… so I am not worried about it.   Everyone else will go out and buy a tv.   Bam!  That is good for the economy.  Your grandparents are never going to figure this stuff out, so pushing the date back does them no favors.

Now, can I come over to your place to watch Lost tonight?


One thought on “The digital tv switch

  1. Do you know how I learned to swim? My brothers threw me in the pool. It sucked… but it worked. Sink or swim… survival of the fittest… just do it!!

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