Friday Fives

1 What activity can you not believe you survived in your childhood?

My teenage years. Every day was an exercise in self destruction, emotionally and physically. Not consciously, mind you.  I was, as my therapist said, brain dead and bulletproof.  I was retarded, you were too.  I had self esteem, but no self confidence.  Does that make sense?

2 What activity can you not believe kids get away with today?

Spending their lives on the couch playing video games. Uncle Eddie knew it best. When we were back to Buffalo to visit, his rule was all kids had to be out of the house during the day on weekends.

3 If you could be anyone else in the world live or dead, who would you choose to be?

Salvador Dali. To be the greatest painter ever, and to be that incredibly talented, and to be so amazing weird… what would be awesome. Plus, he lived in Spain on the coast. Like what Hunter Thompson did, not just master a genre (Gonzo for HST, Surrealism for Dali)… he literally invented it. Both live large in my iconography of heroes.

4. A lot of people think they’ve been in love at 15 or 16 years old, do you think you now look back and think you were a stupid kid or do you believe that you were old enough to know what love is?

Tough to say, I didn’t have a love at that age. So, I will dismiss that question with a self defensive quip. What are you, hitting me? (how did I do? Good cover?) Ok, I will give it my best. I absolutely believe you think you know love and could understand it. However, I think we all know that is more hormone driven than deep appreciation of a human spirit. I didn’t get married until I was about 30, and I think it would have been foolish to do so any earlier.

5. Do you think it is possible to remain in love with someone you once loved, but haven’t seen in a year?

Yeah, easily. Living a few states away, I often only see m family once a year. The rest of my family, back in Buffalo, I only see every five or so years. That doesn’t make me love them any less. Just recently, I was able to reconnect with a whole bunch of very close high school friends who I haven’t seen in 15 years through Facebook. I love them as much as I did when we were crazy kids.


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