My beef with Nancy Grace

You may notice I have been taking Nancy Grace to task recently.  I do not attack people for no reason, honest.  I want to explain why, because I owe that to you. So, why do I hate Nancy Grace?  Because she gets all up in arms about rape victims and missing babies and wife beaters.

That is journalism?  That is hack journalism.  Know why?  Because EVERYBODY hates rapists and kidnappers.  Her target is audience is… uh… everyone.  Why not start a war against sadness or puppy dog beaters.   Yes, there is her new passion.  Nancy Grace fights for beaten puppies.

If she wanted to be courageous, she would tell the story of the puppy kickers.


11 thoughts on “My beef with Nancy Grace

  1. I saw a funny picture of Nancy disGrace with the following comment placed into the picture. It reads “Every time a child is murdered, Nancy Grace has an orgasm.” Just hilarious, yet probably so accurate. She thrives on victimizing real victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of any crime in her lifetime, she remains clue-less to the damage she does to real actual victims of crimes.

  2. It is clear to those that have really scrutinize Nancy Grace’s misconduct that Nancy clearly suffers from a psychological disorder. Might be one of the many reasons CNN puts her into therapy so often. Not for her alcoholism or drug usage she says she does, but for her mental instability.

  3. No death penalty against Casey. Whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Nancy Grace has already said that Casey would be facing the death penalty. Could the courts have screwed things up, or is it just that Nancy is all screwed up and is proven to be wrong yet again? Hummmmm, good question, read the CNN transcripts. The prosecution case continues to crumble. How sad. 😦

  4. Unless you understand Nancy’s admitted alcohol and pill-popping dilema’s, there is no way to comprehend Nancy Grace, or the abuse she says she committed against her son.

  5. I have often wondered, especially lately, if you could hypothetically lock Nancy Grace up in prison (where she belongs) with her having no access to contact anyone, if that might help to lower the numbers of crimes perpetrated against children nationwide. Nancy truly is a danger to children and non-convicted defendants, she has already hurt both groups. She has lawsuits pending against her for her documented un-professional conduct in both state and federal courts right now (again), and Nancy even made admission to tossing her baby-son off the bed and onto the floor head-first which did require hospital intervention. While it appears to be another of her intoxicated moments, it is still a crime. Nancy Grace is a Predator in every sense of the term. How much time will pass before Nancy helps to end the life of another victim? It almost happened when she verbally-battered George Anthony to the brink of suicide recently. And, don’t forget the two Virginia Tech students that committed suicide after Nancy interviewed them on-site at the campus, or that guy in Texas that also had a medical issue that resulted in his death after Nancy verbally-attacked him. The list goes on and on. Nancy Grace is the definition of a Predator. And, she will be an intracole part of the Anthony defense teams income after the lawsuits are all resolved against this Predator.

  6. It’s funny that those twins that Nancy Grace talks about so much are not even any relation to Nancy’s actual husband she was forced to marry after Nancy helped to end the life of Melinda Duckett. And, neither of twin-kids actually has the same father. It’s a long story, but Nancy is still not allowed, by court-order, to be alone with either of those twin kids while unsupervised (due in-part to her documented alcoholism problems).When I see the pictures of those kids, I see tell-tale signs of abuse and fear in their eyes. Many experts have long predicted that both of those twins will attempt to run away from home as soon as they can reach the doorknobs. Nancy has even admitted to abusing the little boy-tot when she threw him off the bed and onto the hardwood floor onto his head, which was so severe, it required hospital intervention. But, enough about Nancy’s documented alcoholism and drug-addiction problems, she is a menace to society and a Predator against real victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of any crime in her life, she remains clue-less to the damage she continues to impart upon real victims of crimes.

  7. Well, Nancy Grace was proven to be wrong again today on the Phil Spector case too. Spector was convicted of second degree murder, unlike the frivolous and wrongful claims by Predator Grace.

  8. According to many experts, the change in the death penalty is not because the evidence has changed, but is a means of attempting to get a plea from Casey. The experts are still not wavering in their conclusion that a conviction of first degree murder against Casey Anthony is still highly unlikely. After reviewing the evidence in this case released to the public, I agree, based upon the evidence, extremely unlikely.

  9. NG afraid to have her own deposition videotaped.

    Jan.25,2010 Nancy Grace, and she’s afraid and panicking about her depo being videotaped about her criminal actions will be manipulated by the media.

    JANUARY 25, 2010–Television host Nancy Grace, who has made a career of berating people live on the air, is worried that her videotaped deposition this week in a wrongful death lawsuit might be leaked to the media, which could then “cut and splice” and “manipulate” her words into sound bites that would appear “wholly out of context,” which, by the way, is exactly what Nancy Grace does continuously against victims of most cases she covers on her show. Sounds like Nancy is scared enough to show up drunk again at this upcoming deposition scheduled for Thursday, then to later explain why she was shown as being highly suspicious in all her answers, which she would attribute to her known and admitted difficulties Nancy says she still suffers from alcohol and drug problems. In an emergency motion filed today in U.S. District Court in Ocala, Florida, Grace’s lawyers asked a judge to either bar the filming of her deposition this Thursday or issue a protective order prohibiting dissemination of the video. Grace, “/archive/1121061grace1.html” by the parents of Melinda Duckett, a 21-year-old Florida woman who committed suicide in 2006 a day after she was cross-examined by the CNN Headline News host about the whereabouts of her missing two-year-old son. Police have described Duckett as the prime suspect in the disappearance of her son Trenton, who has not been found. In the motion, a copy of which you’ll find below, Grace’s attorneys noted that “there already have been threats to Ms. Grace during the tendency of this lawsuit,” adding that if the videotape were to surface pre-trial, such a leak would “serve no purpose but to further harass, embarrass, and intimidate Ms. Grace and corrupt the jury pool.” In a response filed this afternoon, Duckett’s relatives called Grace’s legal maneuvering a “frivolous, untruthful motion,” since they had previously agreed to keep her videotaped testimony confidential. Grace’s deposition is scheduled for 9 AM Thursday in the Atlanta offices of Holland & Knight, her lawyers. (7 pages)
    But, thats what happens to many out-of-control drunks and drug users 😦

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