Friday Fives

1. What does your body tell you when you get out of bed in the morning?

Sweet jesus, go back to bed.   STAT, man.  What are you doing?  You will kill us all.  Just another 20 minutes, tops… and we’ll be ready.  Just push that little button, baby… and we got 9 more minutes of sweet yummy sleepy goodness.

2. How well do you treat your body? Do you feed and exercise it well? Go for regular check-ups?

Well, I am half way.  I exercise, but reluctantly.  I do yoga, which is getting me in better shape.  I do not treat my body as a temple, more like my house.  Not as nice as I would like it, but I work on it every weekend.  Check ups?  It has been a bit, but have my check up next month-ish.  For reals.

3. What part of your body feels strongest?

My hands.  I have awesome hands, mostly from playing guitar and… you know.

4. Which is the weakest?

Prolly my knees.  Stupid knees.   Three surgeries, I should be bionic by now.  Quite the opposite.  Sweet sassy molassy, thank god for health insurance.  After these surgeries, I would be out of my house and car and job if I didn’t have health insurance.   Never take that for granted.  Health care is the #1 cause of bankruptcy in America right now.

5. If you had to live without the use of one body part for the rest of your life, which would it be? Why?

Can I say a pinky, or need it be more substantial?  I mean, I can’t give you a hand.  I play guitar and write.  You are a jerk for even suggesting that.  What are the other choices?  I am not offering up my eyes nor my ears.  How about this, you can have my left leg.  Note, I am a lefty… so that is a premiere sacrifice.  However, without it, I could still drive an automatic and get around on crutches.

This reminds me of a classic ‘Deep Thoughts’ by Jack Handy.  Something about ‘I once lamented that I had no shoes, until I found a man with no feet.  So, I took his shoes.’

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