Are we connecting?

 Per my request, here are some questions you should be asking, were you to be reading.  Think of this as a UFAQ > UnFrequently Asked Questions


What sites are you on?  Where else is ‘Lono’.  Do you skype?  The answers are here.


Facebook > yes, but under my real name

Myspace > yes

Linked in > yes, under my real name


Do you:


Twitter?   No, it’s stupid and degrades the process of writing

Podcast?  No, until we start getting some real traffic here

Skype?  I have no idea what that means, genuinely.


Also, I have a music site here.  I also have a hound page for tracking and training.  However, I won’t give you that addy unless you can prove to me you have a hound.  That is actually pretty serious stuff, believe it or not.


However, I do 90% of my creative writing right here.  When I do more, (short stories, novellas, whatever)… I will likely link them through here.


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