Ward Churchill is a monster dingus




So, Ward Churchill is on trial, and today it ends.  We don’t know the result yet, but we do know he is a monster dingus.  He is suing the state for being fired without cause.  The state says they fired him for:


  • Plagiarizing his published works (written and painted)
  • Completely lied about being American Indian
  • Being an over all douche bag
  • Threatening to have his ex wife killed
  • Assault on a photographer


* these are all true


See, Churchill thinks he got axed for making the comments about 9/11… which intimated everyone who died during the 9/11 attacks deserved it for being implicit enablers of evil capitalism.


You know, that doesn’t really upset me.  It’s tactless, yes.  However, dude is a college teacher in Boulder.  What do you expect?


This isn’t what makes Churchill a monster dingus.  No, that stuff makes him a douchebag.  What makes him a dingus is who he pulled in for a character witness on his trial > Bill Ayers.


Bill Ayers is the guy who got famous during the Obama campaign for being a 60’s radical terrorists who set off bombs around Chicago to protest the Vietnam war.  When asked how he felt about what he did, now that he was free… he said he had ‘wished he had done more’.


Now, I am also not here to judge Ayers.  That is the court’s concern, not mine.  I am here to wonder why a guy who says he got fired for hating America called as a character witness a guy who has been convicted of hating America?  I mean, who else is in the Rolodex of your defense?  Hitler?  Bin Laden?  Blagojevich?  Maybe Joaquin Phoenix could some say some nice things about you.  He is credible these days.


What pissed me off most about this is that he is suing the state (of  Colorado).  This means, he is suing me.  We are an ‘employment at will state’, so go fuck yourself, Ward.


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