Friday Fives

Did you take band or music in school? Can you play the recorder?

yes.  I played trumped, terribly.  I can play the recorder, and I own one.  I learned to play the ‘Thick as a brick’ riff from Jethro Tull.

Do you think MP3s have ruined music?

no, and I am glad you asked.  People like to say that MP3s are inferior sound, too much compression… bla bla bla.  So, I did a real test.  When having some friends over, I did a blind taste test.  I took a song from my iPod hooked up through the stereo and synched it with the same song off the CD it was burned.  I then played them together back to back.  I ran them, and would switch the stereo with the remote from Aux (iPod) to CD.    Like an eyeglasses test, I said “does this sound better, or does this”.  Their eyes were closed or they were facing away.  Keep in mind, this is a good stereo.  No one could tell the difference.  I then turned around and had them to the switcheroo on me.  I couldn’t tell either.

So, to me the case is closed.  Oh, and now I carry 600 Cds with me everywhere I go.  I couldn’t do what without Mp3s.  Mp3s put the power and the choice back in the consumers’ hands.

When was the last time (if ever) you bought a vinyl album

in college, I had a record player.  It was this huge ugly blue monster with an eight track built in, too.  We got it from Nixon and Ben.  So, immediately I bought the coolest lp ever made ever.  Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass.   Why?  Simple the cover, brother.  (see above)  Seems risque, doesn’t it.  Imagine how that flew in 1965.  Shit, TV was still in black and white.  How was the record?   No idea, we just liked the cover.  This is before the internet, see.  So, basically, this record was p0rn.

If music were reduced to just one genre, which should it be?


Isn’t “The Weight” just the best song ever? If not, then what would replace it

pretty much, yes.  Let me put it thusly > there are two songs at the top of all rock ever.  One is ‘Born to Run’, and the other is ‘The Weight’.  I can’t say I choose one over the other… but they are both amazing.  I am proud to say I have seen ‘Born to Run’ live, and it was everything you think it would be.  Next month, I will get to hear ‘The Weight’ live from the original guy in person, to0.


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