Boycott PetsMart


Surely, dear reader, this won’t be a series (will it?).   I am not here to highlight the worst of humanity.  However, being the beacon of awesomeness that I am… sometimes I get that call.  Today is one of those days.

See, a family brought their Yorkie to Pet’s Mart in Castle Rock, CO to get groomed.  They got a call later that their dog was attacked.  Then, it gets way worse.  How could the dog get attacked?  Don’t they have protocols and such?  Aren’t the dogs on leashes?

Then, you find out it was a pit bull who attacked the Yorkie.  Well, we know that Pit Bulls can be aggressive.  This is why they are illegal in Castle Rock.  Pit Bulls are illegal.  I am not saying I am for it or against it, just giving you the information.

Still, it’s gets worse… and weirder.  The manager took the victim Yorkie to the dog hospital.  She filled out a report saying someones mastiff attacked the dog.  Well, she did her part, right?  In fact, she was kind of heroic rushing that little drop kick monster to the hospital, right?  It would seem that way.

That is, until you find out it wasn’t a mastiff, it was a pit bull.  Oh, and it was hers.  Yeah, it was the manger’s pit bull she kept loose at the store.  Wait, better?  According to employees, the pit bull had a history of aggression.  So, let’s recap.  The manager brings her illegal and proven menacing dog to work every day.  It kills another dog.  She lies about the whole thing.  Lies, twice, actually.  First, she says it wasn’t her dog.  Second, she lied about the breed of the dog once she got cornered.

Now, I can see why she lied about it being a pit bull.  The reason is, it will have to be destroyed now.  However, I don’t care what kind of dog she has.  If she knows her dog is anti-social and has aggressive tendencies, why would she bring it to work?  Why would she be allowed to bring it to work.  To be fair, allow me to say this.  I don’t like pit bulls or yorkie’s.  I really don’t like Yorkie’s.  Still, though, I prefer them to most of you.

This upsets me.  I like Pet’s Mart.  I certainly won’t shop at Petco.  However, I can not give them my consumer dollars if this is how their operation is run.  Until she (Ms. Cruz) is fired, prosecuted, and jailed, I also ask you not to give them any money either.

* ok, this is freaky.  I was going to the Pet’s Mart site to get some info and this pic is on their front page.  A yorkie.  Nice touch, crackers.


* post script.  I was sharing this story with a co-worker, and she told me about this story.  Hint, it involves Pet’s Mart, a pit bull, and a dead customer’s dog.  Oh, and it involves Pet’s Mart supposedly having this policy:

The following year, PetSmart adopts a national “No Pit Bull” policy for its doggie day camp centers.

really?  I could see that.  But… the employees (nay, the manager) can bring her loose aggressive dog to work?  Wow!  I mean, just… wow.   So, is PetsMart culpable in all this?  You bet your ass they are.  They allowed an employee to have a potentially vicious dog loose.  They allowed an employee to have an illegal breed in the store.  I want to be angry at that manager, but she is just a piece of shit.  She will be charged and fined and fired.  I expect she is taken care of, and will receive just punishment.

So the question is, to me, how does Pets Mart step up and make this right?


3 thoughts on “Boycott PetsMart

  1. I feel bad for both dogs. The pitbull was never given a chance to become socially acceptable and correct training. The yorky just never had a chance. I thought yorkies were carryied in doggy bags.

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