Friday Fives

Do you read the comics ?  What is your favorite?

 Currently?   No.  If I do, I never miss John McPherson’s ‘Close to Home’.   However, I am old complainey guy when it comes to comics.  The golden age is gone.  Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, the Far Side… all gone.   What do we have left, Mary Worth?

Do you have a favorite concert video?


Oh man, lots.  That is actually all I buy on DVD.  The best sound is the Rush in Rio set, the best performance is the acoustic set on the Led Zeppelin set, and for all around greatness, U2’s Elevation.  My favorite bands are Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins, but neither has a definitive live experience DVD.   Oh, and there are a few awesome Grateful Dead ones.  Also, some totally shitty Grateful Dead one’s.   ‘Truckin’ up to Buffalo’ is the best overall, for both setlist… and audio quality.

 I am sipping on a nice California Sangiovese.  Do you have a good wine story?


Not really.  The wife and I did the whole wine country tour… before ‘Sideways’.  It was great.  Hoppin’ around Northern California drinking free wine and talking to all these mom and pop businesses finally living their passion.  That was a great experience.

It’s baseball season and this year I am obsessed with Rockies telecasts.  Do you have a interest that ought to be a national past time?


Well, anything is better than watching baseball.  Having my scrotum waxed is more entertaining than watching baseball on TV.  So, what is my passion?  NFL.

When was the last time you played Scrabble or another board game?


Mexico.  We have a little travel scrabble set that zips up into a tiny little suitcase that we take when we fly.  So, we sat on the beach a lot drinking Coronas and playing scrabble.  She usually beats me.

1 thought on “Friday Fives

  1. Having my scrotum waxed is more entertaining than watching baseball on TV. Let me tell you something… I got a “boy-zillian” wax job once. It was one of the worst experiences ever. I’ll watch baseball all day long. Go D-Bax!!

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