Friday Fives

1. This week, in 1881, the American Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton.  The Red Cross provides aide to people and communities in times of need.  Describe a time when you helped someone. (first aid use is optional.)

well, that is easy.  I volunteer for both the Denver Red Cross and the Dumb Friends league (Denver’s humane society).  For the former, I do disaster services and presentations, and for the latter I am the maintenance guy.  So, I am covered there.

2.  Go to  Wikipedia, what pops up when you click the Random Article link?  Upon reading it, any thoughts come to mind?

I got an article on ‘Bryaxis‘.  This was a dude who was a greek sculptor in 350 AD.  While known as a great talent in his time, we later learned just recently he cribbed all his moves from Frank Lloyd Wright.  Bummer, total hack, that Bryaxis.

3.  Speaking of  random, we do this about every six months or so.  What are the first five random songs that pop up on your MP3 player?

Awlful – Hole (Celebrity Skin)

Though I find Courtney Love an abhorrent human, this CD is amazing.  Five stars.  Plus, I admit, I have the hots for her.  Don’t act like you don’t, elitist.  Of course, Billy Corgan wrote half the CD, so maybe that is why I love it so much.

In the Jailhouse now – Soggy Bottom Boys (Oh Brother soundtrack)

just a great CD all around.  Regardless of the movie, it stands alone as some great folk and mountain music.  A few years ago, we got to see Dan Timmons play.  He is the voice of the Soggy Bottom Boys (and so singer of Man of Constant Sorrow).

Ring of Fire – DJ Brian

I can’t speak to this version of the Cash classic.  The reason is, for my birthday, Roy (author of these here said questions) gave me a DVD loaded with about 50 versions of Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’.  This then, is one of them.

Hello in There – John Prine (Session at West 54th)

John Prine absolutely rules.  I just discovered him a few years ago, also thanks to Roy.  One of my favorite songwriters, who you may not have heard of.  This disc is one of my favorites.  Incidentally, I am going to see Prine this summer at Red Rocks.  Pretty stoked about that.

Something – Beatles (Abbey Road)

George Harrison finally gets some airtime.  For almost all the Beatles records, there are almost no George tunes.  The only track he got was ‘Taxman’.  Later, the really set him free.  We got ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, ‘Here Comes the Sun’, ‘Something’ and some other gems.  Not tough to see how that happened though.  it can’t be easy pitching a song to Lennon/ McCartney.  George absolutely remains my favorite Beatle.

ok, there you go. The iPod was on full song random, and we pulled from 4552 songs.
4.  Saturday is “Penny Day.” Many people believe that if you find a penny face up, it might be lucky and you should pick it up. They also believe if you find a penny face down, you should leave it on the ground. What are your thoughts? Do you think there is such a thing as a “lucky penny?”

Frankly, I am beat from the barrage of questions above.  It became the ‘Friday Tens’, which I haven’t seen any of you guys pony up for.  Plus, that question is boring.  I will say this, you make your own luck.  Ponder that.

5.  Wednesday is Roy’s Birthday.  What is up with that?

well, I reckon this fella ‘Roy’ you speak of will head out and have a beer or two.

1 thought on “Friday Fives

  1. 1. I donate to every sucka that sends me an envelope but let’s omit that part. I like to volunteer, but with kids that has been quite limited. I’m going to go through the Red Cross Training before I leave Tucson, that’s my goal anyway.

    2. Go to Wikipedia, what pops up when you click the Random Article link? Upon reading it, any thoughts come to mind?

    Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office (Oklahoma)- WAIT…is that dueling banjos I hear?

    serves a population of over 38,972 people in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. In 2007, the sheriff’s department became the first in the state to arrest illegal immigrants under Oklahoma’s new law, the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007.[1] Currently, the jail is run by the Sequoyah County Criminal Justice Authority, with a board consisting of the sheriff and three county commisioners. The jail is overseen by the Jail Administrator, currently Christine Calbert[2]. Ron Lockhart’s uncle, Sam Lockhart, is a former sheriff in the county[


    3. Speaking of random, we do this about every six months or so. What are the first five random songs that pop up on your MP3 player?

    I’m not justifying…just telling ya…

    1) You can’t hurry love – Diane Ross AND those people, who? -> I love the oldies, pre-Diana DUI. Leave me alone.

    2) Girlfriend in a Coma – Smiths -> I’m deep and I wear black.

    3) While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Beatles (DUH) -> Probably the best Harrison Beatle song. Has depth with the bubble gum quality. Surely after they met Bob Dylan. Smoke one for the Beatles.

    4) Night and Day – Frank Sinatra -> I love ol’ Blue eyes. I hear Vegas calling.

    5) Smoke Two Joints – The Toyes -> I smoke 2 joints in times of peace, 2 times in time of war. I smoke 2 joints…uh what was the question?

    5. Got too deep – missed your last comment. Roy who?
    Roy boy toy?

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