Friday Fives

1.  Anne Frank was born today.  Which leads me to think of hiding places.  Do you have a secret hiding place?

my favorite place on > earth… home.  that sounds a little dumb and inconsiderate given the struggle and story of Anne Frank.  However, it was a poorly framed question… and that blame falls on Roy.

2.  Donald Duck was born this week  (Do you see a Wikipedia theme here?) How should Donald star in a new comic/movie?

dunno, don’t care. However, it gives me a lead in to this classic piece of Disney comedy.  So Mikey is in divorc court and he yells at the judge:  No!  I didn’t say she was crazy, your honor.  I said she was fucking goofy!

3.  Sunday is flag day.  How to you let your freak flag fly?

those days are over.  I am mostly done ‘sticking it to the man’.  I mean, sure, I set fire to government buildings, hunt snipe, and have sex with propane canisters.  Mostly, though, I am just a regular dude like you.

4.  I kinda dig looking at house plans and architect drawings.  Frank Lloyd Wright was born this week.  Do you have a favorite building.

omg yes.  Falling Water.  It is a house in Pennsylvania that Wright built over a river.  Dig it! I have always been fascinated with it since I was a kid.  I have never been there, but I will.

5.  Someone has declared this as national fishing week.  When was the last time you went fishing?

last summer with my sted dad Roj.  I love him, he is the best!  I am excited to go back up and visit the folks in two weeks, and we are going fishing!

* know what?  I apologize.  These quuestions didn’t capture me at all, and the whole thing feels forced.  However, it is late and I am tired.  So, this will have to do.  You deserve better, but you ain’t gettin’ it tonight!


1 thought on “Friday Fives

  1. YES! You have solved one of my many issues. Amber keeps asking me to tell her a joke. Of course, my mind goes to something tame and the ‘fucking goofy’ things comes up. Now I have a sort of way to say it. Improvise…

    So Mikey is in trouble for hitting his sister, his response: No! I didn’t say she was crazy, your honor. I said she was freakin goofy!

    I think I can sell it – THANKS!

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