Ok, I keep hearing about banking and all these bailouts and other jibba jabba.  So, I have been trying to wrap my mind around it.  How we give them our money, they use that money to give other people money… pocketing a small portion for themselves.  Then, they say ‘we are broke, give us more’.  It seems like this:


So, I borrow my friend Jeff’s car.  He has a couple, so it’s not a big deal.  He trusts me.  Then, he finds out I wasn’t using his car.  I was renting it to my next door neighbor for $200 a week.  Jeff seems concerned that I am making money off his car.  He asks me why I don’t just buy my own car to rent out to people.  I explain to him that it is too much risk.  Only a sucker would do that.


He says he wants his car back then.  I explain to him that I can’t.  I crashed it, and I need $6,000 from him to fix it.  He says “Why would I pay to fix it?  You broke it, you fix it!”


I explain to him that I don’t have any cash to fix it.  He says “what did you do with that money you made renting it out?”  I explain I used it to invest in a boat, which turned out to be stolen.  I explain to him what I really need is a boat to get this business off the ground.  How about you and I go in on a boat together?


He says go to hell, and tells me to fix his car or else.  So, I just called his mom (the Government) and explained the situation.  She is not only paying to have the car fixed (so I can keep renting it out), she is taking 5 grand out of his college fund to help me pay for the boat.


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